News Item: Meet and Greet January 2021
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Posted by Jason Valavous
Thursday 17 December 2020 - 09:36:07

Hi Everyone,
Hope you are all staying safe, healthy & looking forward to the festive break. I know I'm certainly looking forward to saying good-bye to 2020.
And to celebrate 2021 the WRX Club of QLD is looking to kick-start the year with a favourite; the Meet & Greet.
The Meet & Greet is a chance for everyone (member and non, family and friends) to come out and enjoy a catered and free BBQ hosted by the current committee. A chance to 'talk smack', as quoted by the club president, and a chance to just chill and socialise in the park surrounded by everyone's pride and joy.
The event will be hosted on the 31st January (last Sunday of the month).
This will be a great opportunity for everyone to come and meet the outgoing committee as we plan to hold our AGM and vote in new committee members at our February event (TBA closer to date). So if you are interested in helping steer the club for the upcoming year, or have any questions about the running of the club, do come down to the Meet & Greet and have a chat.
Keep you eyes peeled early in January for the specifics of the events; but mark down January 31, 2021 for the first WRX Club of QLD event of the year.

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