News Item: Happy Laps at Queensland Raceway
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Posted by Stephen Faulks
Sunday 07 March 2021 - 09:26:22

WRX Club QLD will be having Happy Laps at Queensland Raceway

Queensland Raceway offers the opportunity to spend a leisurely morning at the track, by participating in Happy Laps, which includes breakfast. Cruise laps is a great way to introduce yourself to our award winning circuit, in a safe environment. Queensland Raceways runs on the Sprint circuit for Happy lap sessions.

Date: 17th April
Time: Arrive no later than 7am
40 Spots Available (Drivers & Passengers Combined)
$40 Drivers (Financial Members only)
$20 Passengers

Happy Laps are for family cruising not performance driving.
Any car-to-car contact is an instant stop for the session
Any car going off the track is an instant stop for the session
1 sec of tyre smoke is an instant stop for the session

Speed obviously in excess of 120kph is an instant stop for the session; this is more than fair as there are over 100 events that hot drivers can use if they want to go fast.
As this is a non-competitive and reduced speed event, helmets are not permitted. The cars permitted on track must comply with Queensland road registered vehicles. Road-registered vehicles only, no trailered cars and no cars with aftermarket roll cages.
All vehicles entering the track must be currently road-registered and showing registration plates.

Hope to see you there.

This news item is from WRX Club of Queensland
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