WRX Club QR Track Day - Saturday, 29th of April, 2017

ONLY 20 DRIVERS get in and pay early to secure your spot.

The Club has booked a session at Queensland raceway in the street sprints series.
QLD Raceway is located at Champions Way Willowbank
The session includes 4 x 5 laps runs. (normally there are 1-2 extra runs at the end of the day)

The cost to enter is $100, Please log into the forum to reserve your spot

The Street Sprints are open to road registered vehicles, which must be fitted with street legal tyres and exhaust.
Unregistered and Race cars are permitted to run on the day, however will not be eligible for points for the Series.

Westhold Timers
In order to receive lap times at the Sprint events you will need to either purchase or hire a Westhold timer from the circuit office. The cost of buying a Westhold timer outright is $120, or you can hire a timer for $20 a day ($120 upfront. $100 will be refunded once the timer is returned in good condition at the end of the day). The average battery life of the Westhold timer is between 3-5 years (depending on usage). Westhold timers are used at both Queensland Raceway and Lakeside Park.

Drivers who are attending Street sprints, Drifts, Roll Racing, Happy Laps sessions with Downshift, Torque Time, Hi-Octane and Street Factor, will require a Racers Clubman Licence. The licence is required due to the increased risk of an accident occurring during these sessions and therefore Personal Accident Insurance must be covered. This licence can be pre-purchased online or applied for on the morning of their track session. It is recommended to pre-purchase online to ensure you receive the full amount of track time.

Racers Licence Fee's:
- Annual Clubman Licence $65 purchase on the day or online here
- Single Event Clubman Licence $20 can be purchased on the day

Helmets, Neck to Wrist to Ankle non flammable clothes will be required, if you do not have
Them you will not be allowed to participate.

Proceedings of the day-
* 12 pm – Meet at Qld Raceway
* 12:30pm- Drivers briefing
* 1pm - On Track