What a great day for a drive in the mountains. The weather was perfect. Plenty of cold air to help engines run more efficiently. Some members were so keen, they were waiting in the dark at the start.

The drive to Howell's Knob Lookout was sensational. There were lots of great roads and no traffic. A reward for those who paid the price and got out of bed early. We made such good time that we had an extended stay at the lookout since Rick's Garage doesn't open until 10am. We filled in the time talking, eating morning tea, and admiring the view. Thanks to Jason for providing the culinary delights.

From the lookout, it was only a short 30 minute run to Rick's Garage. Luckily, we all found a car park in Palmwoods. Car parks are at a premium on Saturday mornings. The service at Rick's Garage was amazing. The food and coffee was on the tables in minutes. You need to take a big apatite with you. The servings are huge.

After filling up with food, we headed back to the highway via the back roads. The end of a great morning's drive and good company. Thanks for staying safe.

Article: Scott Sadler
Photos: Steffi Brown