Hi all

Well the year has flown and already we are at the time of the Annual General Meeting. Whilst some of you will now stop reading this post it would be appreciated if you could read all the way through.

It has been a great year for the club and the current Committee have enjoyed their roles and the friendships made during the year. As per the Club Constitution, all the positions are to be made vacant and nominations are sought for each position. For people who have never been involved in Committees before, it can be daunting putting your hat in the ring for a position you know very little about.

This year the committee is going to make it easier by making deputy positions available for each major role so you can learn what is involved. It is hard having a few people doing most of the work so we are trying to make it easy for everyone and keep the club moving forward.

It is important to have new people with new ideas involved in the committee so that the club continues to grow. Your commitment to being a member of the Committee involves one additional meeting per month and assist where needed with events. You also get access to the Committee only section of the forum for ongoing discussions between meetings. Not very much to ask.

The positions vacant are:

Vice President
Deputy secretary
Deputy Treasurer
Events - as many as possible
Meeting Coordinator (new position)
Membership Secreretary
Deputy Membership Secretary
Motorsport Coordinator

All the current committee members are asked to nominate if they would like to continue for another year (of course this is if they are voted in by the members). If 2 people nominate for the one position, that is terrific and the role can be dived into 2positions. Voting will take place at the AGM.

Nominations must be received by the Friday prior to the meeting.

Any queries relating to each position, can be directed to the person currently holding the position or anyone on the Committee.

The AGM will be held on Tuesday 10th September. Venue to be decided.

Look forward to welcoming you onto the Committee.