Glenn Ross

04 Jun : 15:13
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Today the WRX Club of Queensland lost a president, a leader, a racer, a friend, and most importantly a family man.

There are no words to describe the sorrow and the grief that the Ross family is feeling but the thoughts of every club member past and present are with you.

On behalf of all of the club members, Glenn, we thank you. We thank you for looking after the WRX Club, we thank you for steering the club from troubled times to the exceptional position that is in today, we thank you for your enthusiasm for everything Subaru and motor sport related, we thank you for your unconditional friendship, we thank you for your inspiration and we thank you for being a true gentleman.

Glenn, you will be sorely missed by everyone that ever met you.

The WRX Club of Queensland Committee.

Funeral Details for Glenn are as follows:
Eco Memorial Park
Friday 12 June at 10.00am
21 Quinns Hill Road (entry now from Yellowood Road)
Staplyton (near Yatala Drive in)
Glenn's favourite flower is roses so feel free to bring some along if you want.
Morning tea will be provided following the service.
Everyone is welcome to come along

PJD Traffic Consultancy & Solutions helps out the WRX Club

04 Feb : 14:11
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Mini Logo
WRX Club of QLD would like to thank PJD Traffic Consultancy & Solutions for their donation of traffic cones to assist with the club run dirt days.

PJD Group is a company developed from the need to create an extremely professional and passionate traffic management consultancy company in Queensland. They have now achieved a sound reputation as a leading traffic management consultancy company. Thier solid customer base is a reflection of their providing a superior service.
PJD Group will be able to supply a professional service in :-
  • Traffic Management Assistance
  • Traffic Guidance Scheme’s
  • Traffic Management Plan’s
  • Tender Assistance
  • Site Visits
  • Site Audits
  • TMR/Council/Police Permit Applications
  • Equipment Hire
  • Technical Assistance
  • Traffic Control

For any traffic controlling or planning needs contact Peter or John 0423816312 or 0423858305

WRX Club Dirt Day - Sunday 15/02/2015

13 Jan : 05:41
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GET IN QUICK REDUCED PRICE as we are opening it to other clubs to come along.

only $75 for members with cams license
only $150 for non members with cams license

add $25 if needing cams license

regs and conditions will be posted soon

ONLY 25 DRIVERS get in and pay early to secure your spot

There will be a drivers disclaimer you must agree to and sign to participate.
The drivers & passengers must attend the drivers briefing, sign in and agree to the rules. both drivers and passengers will be given a wrist band that will be supplied once all the above has been undertaken.

To all those who want to drive in the dirt this day is for you. The club has hired the Dirt circuit at IWMAC for a full day of fun. This event has been run previously so some of you have been to the event before. For those of you that haven't it is a great day to see if you are interested in driving on the dirt whilst not being an all competitive day.

Please find below entry prices, lunch and drink tickets will be provided for all entered drivers. Visitors and passengers will be able to purchase drink and food tickets at a minimal cost.

Payments must be received prior to event, no payments taken on the day

Member $75
Non Memeber $150

Cams Licence $25

Passenger unlimited cars and laps =$5 pay on the day

Drivers and passengers will be given a wrist band that is the only way you will be allowed on the track must be displayed to starter before entry.

See disclaimers attached it will speed up registration if you could print and have completed.

Gates will open at 7.30am with the track opening at 9am. Lunch and Drinks will be available at the venue.

This is a private event which will result in a lot of fun track time for all involved with the focus on enjoyment. -

As we will not know the condition of the track till the day, factors that can affect its surface are the weather and who was running on the track the week before.
What we will do if you see the track and don't think it is suitable for your car on the day we are more than happy to refund your money before you start. It's always wise to walk the track to familiarise yourself again or go for the first walk to pick you lines.

Proceedings of the day
* 07:30 - Arrive and set up camp. Please feel free to bring seats and marquees
* 07:30 - Scrutineering (NO RALLY TYRES) and Disclaimer
* 07:45 - Drivers Briefing
* 09:00 - 12:00 - Runs
* 12:00 - 12:30 - Lunch
* 12:30 - 15:30 - Runs

The Basics
* No door to door racing
* No official timing
* No more than 3 cars on the track at one time
* Laps will be starting from a standing start on the starting pad you will be waved on to the track where you will complete 1 standing lap and 4 flying laps (this may be changed throughout the day depending on the general feeling - 5 laps is a good place to start as cars don't get too hot)
* Dangerous driving will NOT be tolerated and you will be asked to leave
* Strictly invite only
* Helmets, Neck to Wrist to Ankle non flammable clothes
* Civil Drivers License Required - CAMS license required
* Passenger laps you can bring people out for a spin (they will have to have Helmets, Neck to Wrist to Ankle non flammable clothes)
* There is no need to rush at the start of the day - I can guarantee that there will be times when there is only one car on the track (and some times none) so you will get plenty of lap time

Photos from the last event

Subaru writes about the WRX Club of Qld

01 Aug : 15:29
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Check out the write up about the club on the Subaru Australia website

Click Here

MYOB AccountRight Standard

08 Jan : 12:29
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New Year, new financial reporting software! The program of choice was MYOB AccountRight Standard.

This software has a lot of the features the committee will be able to use and have more meaningful financial reports than ever before.

The program will allowed the creation of digital receipts for payments and has an inventory manager for all of the club merchandise.

The job profit and loss feature will allowed us to keep track of income and expenses of specific events. Most importantly it will allows us to generate reports for any period we require (monthly, year to date or any other period that we require) instantly, this not being available to us in the past.

Overall once the set up of accounts was completed the MYOB Account Right software was a breeze to use and is very institutive, it even does some of the bookkeeping automatically. The program allows us to recall club supplier details and keeps track of previous prices paid.

To sum up MYOB AccountRight is a very power software program that seems to have almost every function an organisation could require to run, it goes beyond the debits and credits of a basic accounting software package and has the potential be used solely as an organisations database holding for client and supplier details, monitoring performance of the business generally and allows you to drill down and report on jobs, days, weeks, months and years. It is recommended by the wrx club if you are looking to upgrade your current accounting software.


17 Dec : 12:02
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