WRX Club QLD would like to thank OntheNet!

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OntheNet is a SE Qld based company, and they have come to the rescue of the WRX Club in the way of website and database hosting.

The WRX Club of Qld is grateful to Paul and his team and can definitely recommend them as a one stop shop solution for all things internet related.

Below are some basic information on the company, but for the full experience please visit Click Here or call on 07 5553 9222

Steve Faulks
WRX Webmaster.

Executive Brief

OntheNet was established at the Bond University Research Park in January 1995, becoming the first Internet Service Provider on the Gold Coast. The privately owned Australian business is satisfying the needs of the largest organisations and the most technically demanding clients in the region. OntheNet is the most experienced, most qualified local Internet Service Provider that assists businesses to define their Internet connection strategies. The company has grown to now offer a broad range of Internet Access and Internet Presence services.

Services & Technical Aspects

The range of services currently include:

Connectivity Services, such as Broadband ADSL, Fibre as well as ISDN, dialup modem and permanent modem.
Hosting Services, including domain, mail and web hosting as well as colocation.
Consultancy Services, such as Mail Server configuration, Security Audits and Firewall Solutions.
There is a large ongoing investment in the highest standard hardware and networking components implemented by OntheNet. For example, there are multiple connections to some of the largest Australian Internet backbones of Connect.com (AAPT), Telstra and others as well as peering points such as PIPE networks. This level of performance and redundancy is simply not offered by any other local (or national) Internet Service Provider on the Gold Coast.

OntheNet is the first Queensland-based company to install Broadband ADSL Infrastructure into telephone exchanges. This infrastructure allows OntheNet substantial control and management of the broadband services, and therefore provides greater speed and reliability to its customers.

On the hardware side there are powerful Intel based servers and CISCO hardware all contributing to a network that provides the best possible performance.

With equal importance, OntheNet have planned and catered for:

Hardware redundancy - spare routers and servers are readily available.
Nightly data backup - to high capacity tape devices.
Power outages - via several UPS (battery powered Uninterruptible Power Supplies) and our own generators.
Security systems - to keep your data private,
Stability - e.g., separate dual air conditioning systems to our data centre , 24*7 monitoring systems to pager, etc.
These technical aspects combine to ensure the company's customers have consistent and reliable connectivity to the Internet. The contribution required here should not be underestimated as OntheNet's role reflects upon the corporate image of its clients in any and all electronic communications they might have.

OntheNet treat this responsibility very seriously.

Hosting Services

OntheNet provides "a-la-carte" pricing so you only pay for what you need. The Domain and Web Hosting Order Forms include all pricing details for each product and are available here.

VStrata Virtual Private Servers

OntheNet now offer VStrata Virtual Private Servers. This product fills the gap between Shared Web Hosting (see above) and Co-location of customers servers in our Data Centre (see below). Leveraging the latest cloud computing software and enterprise hardware VStrata will allow many more business customers to centralise and share information without the huge upfront capital cost previously required

Call for more information or visit Click Here for further detail.

Data Centre / Co-Location Hosting Services

Does your highly important server hardware need a more appropriate environment? Often, trying to establish that environment in-house proves very expensive to due to the need for reliable, high speed Internet links and redundancy. The OntheNet Data Centre already has all the redundancy mechanisms in place. ie. bandwidth & switching, power, air conditioning, fire protection, etc. The OntheNet network also caters well for sudden large bursts in bandwidth and rapid growth generally.

Web Hosting 1

Most businesses requiring a Web Hosting service will be satisfied with this entry level service. Included in our Web Hosting 1 service is:

250MB Storage on our Unix platform
CGI bin (samples provided or use your own.)
PHP Scripting Support
Online Site Stats (Webalizer)
MySQL Database

Web Hosting 2

Onthenet also caters for those utilising Microsoft technologies. Web Hosting 2 includes:

250MB storage on a Microsoft 2003 Server
ASP.net version 1 and 2
MS Access Database Hosting (via ODBC)
Online Site Stats (LiveStats)
NB Acceptable Use limits may apply to data transfer on all Domain and Hosting products.

August's Feature Car: 81TTN

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Feature81ttn1 Feature81ttn2

81TTN started life when i picked her up off the showroom floor from Subaru in 2004. She has since been sold, and then bought again, then driven as a street car, then stripped and used as a race car.

To read the entire development story please log into the forum and read all the finer details.

81TTN and Steve are regulars at tracks in South East Queensland, from QR and Lakeside Park, to Mount Cotton and Noosa hill climbs to street sprints.

With a standard engine, turbo and drive train 81TTn returned some very good results throughout 2009 and 2010 including
2009 Time Attack AWD - First Place
2009 Interclub Challenge Drivers Champion - First Place Outright
2009 Queensland Challenge - Third in Class
2010 Winter Dam Challenge - First Place Outright
2010 Queensland Challenge - First Place Outright
2010 Time Attack AWD (QR Series) - First Place
2010 Time Attack AWD (Lakeside Series) - Third Place
2010 Ironman Weekend - First Place Outright
2010 MG Noosa Hill Climb - Third in Class

During the first half of the year, Steve did a lot of investigation into the setup and turbos and decided to convert the standard VF35 setup to a complete Twin Scroll TD05 20G setup. Unfortunately the expected power gains were nowhere to be seen, so the development continues.
This year has resulted in a lot less track time, but 81TTN still manages to be first in class at the mount cotton hill climb series and is currently place 2nd on the WRX Motorsport cup for the year.

Go fast bits and pieces

Feature81ttn4 (photo at Mount Cotton taken by Luke Cole)

Honey.... we're home :)

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Welcome to our newly hosted WRX Club of Queensland webpage.

Our previous hosting company, Datalect, has met its untimely demise and has managed to take our site with it.

After detailed investigations on hosting companies, both local and international, the WRX Club is very happy to anounce that OntheNet, a Gold Coast based company, will be hosting our web page and forum.

OntheNet has staff members that are active members of the South East Queensland motorsport and the WRX Club thanks OntheNet for their help

If you have any questions, please contact the webmaster

I personally thank you for your patience!!!!

Steve Faulks

WRX Club of QLD Webmaster

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2011- Mid Year Meet & Greet Sunday 19th Jun Colmslie

04 May : 18:33
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We are nearly half way through the year already :) lets have a MEET AND GREET BBQ. This is a great opportunity for new and old members to get together and gather some ideas for the upcoming years event.

WHEN - SUNDAY 19th June from 1100hrs to 1400hrs
WHERE - Colmslie Beach Reserve at the end of Colmslie Rd
This is a link to the location on google maps - its on the South side of the river just to the west of the Gateway Bridge

Colmslie Beach Reserve, Colmslie Road, Murarrie, Queensland

May's Feature Car: Brett Whinnen's MY00

27 Apr : 13:27
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Brett has been an active member of the WRX Club of Queensland since 2003 and we are happy to present his MY00 "the last of the classics" as May's first feature car!

Car:September 1999 built Subaru Impreza WRX.


* Tein Monoflex coilovers (8kg & 6kg) with EDFC
* Super Pro Camber Bolts, complete bush kit including: rear subframe mount,
diff support bushes, Roll Centre Adjustment, rack mounts, Anti Lift Kit- All Race Spec
* 24mm Rear Sway
* Full Corner weighted
* Project Mu SCR GT front Rotors & SRC rears. H16 Front and HC+ Rear pads
* TuningWorx twin scroll dump pipe and straight through exhaust.
* Level 3 custom tuned Ecutek ECU (Tune A 220kw atw on 18psi)
* Launch Control
* ID 1000 Injectors
* K&N inguard CAI

* JDM HID Headlights
* Custom Jim Berry 5 plate 3300 lb centre sprung button clutch
* JDM STi 72deg Thermostat
* Process West Oil Cooler (powder coated black)
* Process West TMIC with Splitter
* 6 Point Bond Roll Cage
* OMP steering wheel
* OMP Drivers & Passenger race seats.
* Custom Plated rear diff
* CBRD Billet wheel Twin Scroll (with headers and sump)
* HKS & APR Aero F&R

- Windows tinted to T35
- A'PEXi RS exhaust with dual pipe dump (dump pipe in shed)
- Hyperflow FMIC with silicon pipework and K&N pod filter
- Autometer Phantom Boost guage
- Turbosmart MBC set to 16PSI (gave away)
- PossumLink V5 ECU + Link KnockLink
- OE 3 port boost solenoid + retune
- MSR open mouth dump pipe & new 3" cat + retune
- MRT brake booster brace
- Whiteline ALK
- Whiteline Super Low Springs (sold)
- Front badge painted dark green (stolen)
- Full engine bay earthing kit
- Alpine MP3 head unit, Focal speakers front and rear
- Skirts and spats colour coded to body
- Finish exhaust to full 3" spec + retune
- AVO silicone inlet pipe + retune
- Fire extinguisher mounted in front of passenger seat
- Exedy organic clutch, higher clamp
- IHI VF29 turbo + Walbro 500HP pump + returne
- Injectors to 700cc + retune
- Front Version 6 STi pink badge
- Complete '02 STi drive train, 6MT box, R180 rear diff, hubs, driveshafts.
- DBA 4000S front rotors, RB74 pads, DBA 356S rear rotors, RB74 spec pads
- MY01 wheels
- MY03 wheels
- APS dual port BOV
- CnJ Large Aluminium radiator
- CnJ Oil/Air separator
- Water injection kit (Aquamist 1S)
- Tein Flex coil overs
- Windows re-tinted to T20
- Rear WRX sticker replaced with WRX badge from '06
- No name strut brace (thanks Shem)
- Link G4 ecu, Innovate LC-1 wide band, Link KnockBlock + retune
- Water Injection changed to Water/Meth injection + retune
- '05 STi steering wheel
- Full HID conversion
- Version 6 STi front lip


.Brett purchased the car in November 1999 to replace a HSV enhanced VS Series I Ute. Within two days of purchasing (with 40km on the ODO) the car was run in with over 1,500km. Interestingly enough Brett did not start the modifications until 50,000km was reached.

Living in the NT at the time meant the legs could be stretched legally, and they were on more than one occasion, with Brett having fond recollections of fast commutes from Darwin to Katherine several times a week. Also on the list was well over 150km of dirt and gravel driving each week and the immense fun that was.

Brett has tried many different oils including brands and weights in the cars life and settled with Castrol 10w60 full synthetic at the recommendation of fellow club member Mick Jones. Coupled with that are Motul fluids in the gearbox, diff, cooling system, brakes and clutch.

Brett chose a IHI VF29 as the replacement turbo for the street-ability of it and retuned the car, only to find out a new fuel pump and injectors were needed, much to the annoyance of Vicki his wife. Unfortunately the extra torque coupled with the higher clamping rate on the clutch were the end of the gearbox, specifically 3rd gear, where both input and output teeth were stripped. Luck had it that a friend in Sydney was importing two MY02 STi drivetrains, one was secured and subsequently installed.

With the idea of competing in motorsport events Brett started replacing parts to that end, with new suspension, better braking, larger radiator, water injection and finally a decent aftermarket ECU package.

Brett originally set the car up for fun, but the thought of punishing her at motorsport pointed Brett back in the direction of a great street car - an all-rounder that goes to the shops, making the school pick up run or a spirited drive through the twisty bits.

As a true show of Brett's hard work and Subaru build quality she now reads 180,000km on the clock. Despite the need for a little TLC in the form of some fresh paint and some suspension bushes the car is in great condition as can be seen.

Note: Wedding shot taken by Nu Image Photography (http://nuimage.com.au/)


IWMAC Autocross wrapped up by a WRX Club member

18 Apr : 13:23
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It was a slippery track which favoured the AWD cars, but it was not all plain sailing for WRX Club Qld member Mick McMillan. Having some handling issues throughout the day Mick’s Evo has some uncharacteristic understeer, which caused him to collect the occasional cone or two adding 5 second penalties each time.

Mick finally managed to come away with the class and outright win but was pushed all the way by John McMillan a member of IWMAC .

Class A and B were also hotly contested with the class lead swapping right the way down to run 6 for the day.

WRX Club's Steve Allmark push Ric Baggarley from IWMAC all the way to the end to tie up a very respectable 2nd in class B by only 0.4 seconds. This was also good enough to place Steve 6th outright! It does not get any closer for a great day of racing! Adding to Steve's trophy cabinet for the weekend, he took home best presented car!

Well done to both Steve and Mick!

Full results can be found here

April's Feature Car

14 Apr : 10:10
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  • K&N panel air filter
  • Customer reflash
  • Motec diff controller
  • Cusco plated rear diff
  • RaceTech RT4009 fixed back race seats
  • Bond 6 point bolt in cage
  • Project Mu pads
  • MCA coil overs
  • Fully street legal and ADR compliant

Mick picked up his Evo second hand out of Sydney as a street driven car back in 2008. It has come a long way since then with the project beginning around safety. Mick took a trip to Racer Industries on the gold coast and threw seats, rails, boots, suit and helmet in the shopping trolley. At the same time the guys at Bond Roll Cages in Sydney were working hard on making the roll cage.

Feeling comfortable with the car, Mick became a frequent visitor of Queensland Raceway, Ipswich Park and many TRE’s around south east Queensland. Coming from a world of RWD cars (including a beautiful ’67 Mustang) Mick fell in love with the dirt where the car became the car to catch with mick taking first outright in nearly every event he attended.

In order to get better performance, Mick picked up a set of MCA coil overs and diff controller. The car moved from strength to strength and was a sheer pleasure to drive. Tuned so well that it was almost effortless to drive.

These days the car only really sees the dirt due to Mick’s work and life commitments, but it is still the car that everyone tries to catch


Thinking of becoming a member???

14 Apr : 09:29
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To join the WRX Club of QLD you can own any sort of car, or bike, or boat or even a nice pair of runners.

We currently have predominately Subaru’s, but they are not all WRX’s. We are proud to have many Liberty’s, Legacy’s and Forester’s and we even have a 1983 Leone! Getting away from the Subaru's, we have heaps of Evo’s around, including the current Club President with a nice example of an Evo IX. Just to show that all makes and models are welcome, our current Club Secretary cruises around in a 100 Series Landcruiser. Getting away from the AWDs, we have a couple of Mazda’s and even an expensive Camry (aka Lexus).

Our cars stretch from pristine showroom spec vehicles through to full race cars. So don’t think that it’s all about motorsport, there is always something on for everyone!

Remember, you get access to a private forum which is a wealth of knowledge with some of Brisbane’s most reputable tuners, mechanics and exhaust specialists always around to give advice.

Normally our membership including CAMS affiliation is $65 for 12 months but we are currently running a Membership Special where you get 2 Years membership for $100!

How to Join

Please click here to go to our online membership form. Once you submit the form one of our committee members will soon be in contact with you to welcome you to the club and to arrange payment and organise access to the Forum