2015 AGM & Bob Jane Tech Night - In review

22 Jul : 11:16
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A relaxed ambiance plus BBQ Dinner and drinks provided for those pre-meeting hunger pains with a side of the must have social catch-up by members and new members alike.

Welcoming of first time attending members (Michael, Hannah & Nathan) enjoyed the relaxed, friendly atmosphere before moving into the formal part of the night; AGM nominating and voting of the new committee team.

We welcome the new 2015/16 team:
  • President - Jason Keen
  • VP - Andrew Ross
  • Treasurer - Brendan Bassa
  • Membership - Matthew Carmody
  • Secretary - Anthony Bonnici
  • IT - Stephen Faulks
  • IT Deputy - Michael Chora
  • Merchandise - Andrew and Steffi
  • Motorsport - Daniel Watt
  • Social - Stuart Kerr, Nathan Schick, Black Edwards, Kristina Ebert
  • Committee Advisor - Donna Ross

With all the formalities done and dusted we got stuck into the Bob Jane Tech and promotions part of the night.

Bob Jane Coorparoo being a club supporter offers many great incentives and promotion to club members at great pricing and has all your questions covered with expert advice and knowledge.
  • Trade Pricing on all tyres that the team stocks / sources
  • $60 Wheel alignment using all the latest technology (saving $25)
  • 18" XXR's + RS3 tyres fitted, balanced and alignment combo for $2,000

Now if you feel like putting those new wheels and tyres to use the club has many social events coming up including the Northern NSW Cruise on Sunday 26th July starting from Yatala at 7am. Travelling through Murwillumbah on route to Nimbin for the famous (infamous....) Nimbin Marks for the first stop of the day. Then it's onto some pristine national parks and finally making lunch at Bangalow.

For those seeking a louder and more power orientated event; the club will be hosting a Dyno Day on August 8 at Mercury Motorsport (another great club supporter) with limited spots still available for just $20. Jump in and enjoy a number crunching day with a sausage sizzle supplied.

More information for both events can be found on the WRX QLD forum.

[Submitted by Nathan Schick]

Order a race WRX straight from the factory

21 Jul : 08:04
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Looks like Subaru has announced a motorsport-only (there will be no option to register these in Australia) version of the WRX, even if it is only 10 cars at this stage.

From reports, it will be the four-door sedan stripped-out and fitted with the JDM EJ20 2l block instead of the 2.5l road version we see here in Australia. Despite the smaller block is just out performs our domestic version with 227kW and 422Nm.

The cars have been reported to start at $38,000, but will require more work completed once you have it to get it fully race prepared; including the installation of a roll cage (which can also be ordered from the factory).
[Submitted by Admin]

2015 SDT Morgan Park Track Day

17 Jul : 11:42
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Cool winter air treated the turbos well for this years Morgan Park track day. This year we had 5 club members David, Matt, Michael, Nick and Simon meet up at Yamanto McDonalds early in the morning to make the 2hr journey to the best racetrack nearby to Brisbane (yup, it's better than QR and even Lakeside).

The guys started the day by dialling their eyes and cars in with the horizontal hill climb / sprint before tackling a few of the other faster and more challenging track configurations.

With in car coaching from professional racing car driver Chris O'Shannessy, everyone improved their driving skill and were able to take their cars as close to the limit as they dared. Nick Carroll's video shows off his skill and how varied and challenging this track is.

Well done boys!
[Submitted by Jason Keen]


12 Jul : 07:16
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WRX Club of Qld is hosting its annual dyno day 8 August 2015.

The day will kick off at 8am.

Hosted by club supporter Mercury Motorsport

20 Dyno spots so numbers limited.

Come give your car a health check and see how much power it makes!

See the post on the forum to sign up
[Submitted by Brendan]


NNSW Cruise 26th July 2015

09 Jul : 08:04
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The WRX Club of Qld will be running its second cruise for the year. We are heading over the border into northern NSW for the morning with free morning tea for all participants. A great day to get out and discover some new places and roads. Full details in the forum.
[Submitted by Stuart Kerr]


20 Jun : 11:31
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WRX Club Dirt Day - Sunday 5th JULY 2015

Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled.

The Family Car - Nathan Schick

20 Jun : 11:28
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More an introduction meets biography rather then straight pictures so here is a little background first if you will.

We recently purchased a 2013 WRX STI Spec R. I'm the second owner of this vehicle which was previously registered to a middle aged lady. A second owners car dream right :D

As such it has been meticulously maintained. Not a single imperfection was found inside or outside the car. Everything that was meant to be there is there. Right down to the dealer datadot brochure and all original reading materials and logbooks and neatly kept in the original dealer folder.

Services were regularly maintained to the month and only ever serviced by a Subaru dealer.

Needless to say that I am stoked to own it.

Anyway; as the title suggests; this is going to be our family car. Both the wife and I have small hatchbacks (mine a 95 Nissan Micra 3 door, hers an 05 Suzuki Swift). Neither car great for raising a future family. So we decided it was time to get a new car.

Prior to all this thou when I was originally looking for a performance vehicle in 2008 I ended up going on peer pressure and got a MKIV Toyota Supra and went bonkers on it. Everything that could be done was done to it. 350Kw@wheels single turbo, body kit, ect. It was a monster and a money pit. 8)

After awhile I decided (the wife will say it was all me) that I needed to sell it in order to get my priorities right. The soon to be wife wanted a wedding and to move out of the rental and build. So the supra laid down the deposits for both and everything started to move nicely. Now that we are settled and are looking to start a family soon; now was the time for a new car.

wife's suggestions - no 2 door sports cars (I guess it makes it easier to get babies in and out), no holden or ford (I think she didn't want the bogan stigma), no car older than 2005.
my suggestions - no FWD, forced induction a must (simples :lol: )

Broad range of car selection criteria there.
The clincher being that I have always liked Subarus and that boxer engine rumble.

We went hunting and we settled on this one after painstaking searches.

The idea is to keep this one relatively stock and only modify when parts need replacing. IE - when shocks go; upgrade to coilovers. When rotors need replacing, go aftermarket. I've been down the path of heavily modified vehicles so I don't really need to do all that again. This STI is strictly family duties and weekend happy laps for that thrill seeking.

Anyway, long story but I hope that gives everyone a good idea about myself and I hope to meet up with everyone at club events.

Written by Nathan Schick


Glenn Ross Memorial "Most Improved" Trophy

05 Jun : 20:02
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The WRX Club of Queensland is extremely proud to announce the Glenn Ross Memorial “Most Improved” perpetual trophy in his memory

The trophy will be presented at the completion of the annual SubiNats event; to the driver who improves his or her sprint lap time every session out on the track. In the event of multiple drivers classifying, the trophy will be awarded to the driver who made the greatest improvement.

Thank you to Nev Scott for organising this year’s trophy.