OntheNet - Personal and Business Internet

22 Aug : 06:50
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The WRX Club of Queensland happily recommends OnthNet as an internet service provider. They host all the clubs websites, forums and emails.

OntheNet was established in 1995 and delivers popular Broadband technologies from ADSL2+ to Fibre based services to many business customers as both Internet and Secure Private Network solutions. In more recent years the company has delivered Data Centre co-location and Virtual Private Server solutions and many combinations of the product range.

Key clients include; local government bodies, private schools, industry leading medical businesses, large tourism & accommodation businesses, construction and property developers, the majority of the local automotive dealers, innovative online businesses and national retail /franchise chains. A number of customers now utilise 100Mbps and 1Gbps broadband services from OntheNet.


OntheNet offers a wide range of "personal" ADSL / ADSL2+ Broadband plans and options suitable for:

  • Residential / home use
  • Microbusinesses / professionals working from a small office / home office
  • Small businesses with no complex networking or internal servers.

Location determines which plans are available with:

  • OntheNet's Personal ADSL Turbo plans and Naked DSL plans available in key Gold Coast suburbs, and
  • Personal ADSL plans offered Queensland wide.
  • For heavier data consumers the Xtreme plan options available across all the above locations and plans may suit best.
  • For those in our Turbo coverage areas and wanting to save at least $30 a month in phone line rental our Naked DSL plans will be ideal.

All OntheNet Personal plans operate on a Fixed Price, Variable Speed principle, ensuring no unexpected bills.


OntheNet's business Internet solutions utilise a broad range of connectivity technologies, increasing up the product range in speed, performance and support level.

  • ADSL2+ is heavily used with many businesses outgrowing its limitations, particularly those now utilising cloud services, or with many remote users and/or sharing content from within their premises.
  • The Business Ethernet products are superior copper based services (leveraging unused phone lines) with availability nationally, but limited by exchange availability and distance from the exchange. This product may also be promoted as SHDSL, Mid Band Ethernet or Ethernet over Copper (EoC) within our industry.
  • Premium Ethernet, typically delivered over Fibre, is available nearly anywhere with build costs being integrated into the monthly fees in many cases.
  • NBN Fibre based services are also offered by OntheNet in locations across Australia where available.
  • OntheNet have ADSL2+ and Business Ethernet resources installed in key exchanges around the Gold Coast with superior rates and levels of support available in those exchanges

***Cancelled*** WRX Club Dirt Day - 30th of August 2015

17 Aug : 14:55
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Due to bad weather Saturday night, this event has been Cancelled as the track will not be dry in time.

Please log onto the forum for more details.


WRX Club Dirt Day - Sunday 30th of August 2015


ONLY 25 DRIVERS!! Get in and pay early to secure your spot.

To all those who want to drive in the dirt this day is for you. The club has hired the Dirt circuit at IWMAC for a full day of fun. This event has been run previously so some of you have been to the event before. For those of you that haven't it is a great day to see if you are interested in driving on the dirt whilst not being an at all competitive day.

There will be a drivers disclaimer you must agree to and sign to participate.
The drivers & passengers must attend the drivers briefing, sign in and agree to the rules. both drivers and passengers will be given a wrist band that will be supplied once all the above has been undertaken.

Drivers and passengers will be given a wrist band and it must be displayed to starter before entry to the track.

Gates will open at 7.30am with the track opening at around 9am. Lunch and Drinks will be available at the venue.

This is a private event which will result in a lot of fun track time for all involved with the focus on enjoyment.

The track will be prepped the day before by IWMAC, so we should have an excellent surface to run on. That being said, if you have any concerns about the condition of the track or anything else about running on the day, you can withdraw before you start or after the sighting lap, with a full refund, no questions asked

Proceedings of the day
  • 07:30 - Arrive and set up camp. Please feel free to bring seats and marquees
  • 07:30 - Scrutineering (NO RALLY TYRES) and Disclaimer
  • 07:45 - Drivers Briefing
  • 09:00 - 12:00 - Runs
  • 12:00 - 12:30 - Lunch
  • 12:30 - 15:30 - Runs

The Basics
  • No door to door racing
  • No timing
  • No more than 3 cars on the track at one time
  • Laps will be starting from a standing start on the starting pad you will be waved on to the track where you will complete 1 standing lap and 4 flying laps (this may be changed throughout the day depending on the general feeling - 5 laps is a good place to start as cars don't get too hot)
  • Dangerous driving will NOT be tolerated and you will be asked to leave
  • Strictly Financial Club Members ONLY
  • Helmets, Neck to Wrist to Ankle non flammable clothes
  • Civil Drivers License Required
  • Passenger laps - You can bring people out for a spin (they will have to have Helmets, Neck to Wrist to Ankle non flammable clothes as well as sign a disclaimer and pay $5 fee)
  • There is no need to rush at the start of the day - I can guarantee that there will be times when there is only one car on the track (and some times none) so you will get plenty of lap time.

Link for members to pay Click here to view the topic on the portal

[Submitted by Anthony Bonnici]

Footwork Arrow F1 car

15 Aug : 07:33
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For those members who came to the MR Tuning meet, you would have seen the unmissable F1 car sitting in the workshop.

Here is how it sounds :)

Club Meeting - City Subaru: Sept 8

13 Aug : 07:41
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City Subaru will be hosting the WRX Club of Queensland's September Meeting at their Toowong showroom.

We will have a BBQ available to members of the club starting at 7:00 with the club meeting will be starting at approximately 7:30pm.

Club members and prospective members are more than welcome.

Can you please RSVP

City Subaru Toowong

Corner Milton Rd and Miskin Street
Toowong Brisbane Queensland 4066

August Club Meeting - MR Tuning

12 Aug : 08:30
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The August Club meeting was held at the Yatala headquarters of MR Turning. We were treated to a vast array of automotive excellence including Formula 1, Formula 3000, Formula Ford, McLaren, Ginetta, a custom Ford GT40 and more Porsche than you could poke a stick at just to name drop a few!

In fact the cars were that good that we had trouble prying members away from them to come and eat free food - proving the point that a way to a man’s heart is exotic race cars and not food!

MR Tuning has a wide array of expertise from bespoke ground-up builds to custom engineered parts to servicing your daily to the best vehicle set up in south east Queensland. MR Tuning extend their extensive service options though Premium Track Days which give you face to face access to race engineers and professional race drivers like Warren Luff at Queensland Raceway. The next day is being held on 2nd September so keep your eye on their Facebook page for details.

The Club would like to thank Michael, Dan and Tim for hanging around to keep their doors open for our viewing pleasure.

If you would like to take advantage of the Club Special or have any other questions, give the MR team a call on 1800 058 700

Submitted by Steve – Bitten Motorsport

TimeAttack.com.au Lakeside Rd 4

10 Aug : 13:43
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A great day of racing on Saturday for TimeAttack.com.au Lakeside International Raceway Round 4. Air was cool and sun was warming the bitumen and it was the best conditions seen at the event all year.

Terry Ayres had the biggest news as he finally got the highly sought after HOLY GRAIL time of a sub 60sec lap! Well done mate, we're all super proud of you. Wear that sticker with pride because you truly earned.

Hannah Taylor also beat her old PB by over half a second and made it into reaching distance of the Holy Grail with a 60.8.

Jason Keen followed Hannah into the 60sec bracket in the Monkeen Motorsport STi, also getting a 60.8 and improving by half a second thanks to the assistance given by fellow club member Malcolm Clark.

Mike Wittkopp was able to get a 62.7 which he was very pleased with. Matthew Martin smashed his old PB by 1.2secs and got a 63.6.

Great job by all, and we'll be seeing them at the next round of Time Attack held at Queensland Raceway on the 27th of August.

Submitted by Jason Keen

2015 Motorsport Cup heats up

10 Aug : 05:45
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The Club holds an annual Motorsport Cup and 2015 is starting to look close at the top!

The scoring is nice and simple, the highest total of points with a maximum of 10 rounds will be the winner of the cup. All CAMS and AASA events count.

With over half they year gone, Mick and Jason are fighting it out at the top, but the real action is back in the pack for the minor placing. There is not a lot of room from 3rd all the way back to 10th and with only a few classifying events left for the year it will sure to be a close finish!

WRX Club Motorsport Champion will be announce at the Christmas Party. Check out the forum for more details

Dyno Day

08 Aug : 18:39
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Mercury Motorsport held the WRX Club of QLD Dyno Day on Saturday 8th August 2015. We had a great turn out with 20 cars on the dyno and many spectators, plus an Awesome BBQ lunch.

The results are as follows

1 Chris Haggarty - WRX - 326.9kw
2 Blake Edwards - WRX - 238kw
3 Camron Mazda Bateman - STI- 223kw
4 Kingsley Paul - STI - 212kw
5 Jason Keen - STI - 206kw
6 Jason Fillmore - STI- 201kw
7 Dean David Vickers - WRX - 171kw
8 Matthew Carmody - STI - 169.1kw
9 Nathan Schick - STI - 160.4kw
10 Andrew Ross - FOZ - 135.6kw
11 Joe Guarino - FOZ - 130kw
12 Steven Cotter - WRX - 119.2kw
13 John Roberts - STI - Run Not Recorded
14 Nicholas Scully - WRX - Run Not Recorded
15 Breno Bas - STI - Run Not Recorded

1 David Cassells - C63 AMG - 274.8kw
2 Terry Ayres - EVO X - 201kw
3 Ant Bon - JEEP - 129.6KW
4 Scott Feher - ASTRA DIESEL - 93kw
5 Scott Roberts - COROLLA - 80.1kw

We would like to thank Mercury Motorsport for opening your doors to us on a Saturday and hosting a great club event.

[Submitted by Steffi Brown]