Coffee and Cruise - 6th November 2021

20 Oct : 20:31
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No better way to start a Saturday right?
Come hang with your QLD WRX Car Club and QLD 86 BRZ Car Club Crews over some decent coffee, some quality chit chat (more than likely some banter) then hit up the hills for a solid cruise over Mount Nebo.
NOTE: COVID may impact this event

When: 6th November @ 8:15AM
Where: Cleanskin Coffee Co - Unit 121/193 S Pine Rd, Brendale QLD 4500

Additional details regarding Route:
Crusie route via google maps link here

Coffee and Cruise

09 Jul : 14:57
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Coffee and Cruise!
No better way to start a Saturday right?
Come hang with your QLD WRX Car Club Crew over some decent coffee, some quality chit chat (more than likely some banter) then hit up the hills for a solid cruise over Mount Nebo.
Day: Saturday July 17th
Time: 08:30
Location: Cleanskin Coffee Co.

NOTE: COVID may impact this event.

North Side Catch up and Cruise

18 Apr : 12:21
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Come hit up some tasty burgers, and round out your Saturday with a nice cruise through the hills!
Date 1st May

We will be starting at Everton Park for some lunch burgers at Grill'd @12pm.

Kick about and talk shop for a bit, then head out on a mountain run.

The drive takes about an hour and ends at Albany Creek. Heading around Samford, over Clear Mountain and back through Bunya.
Map will be posted up.
If you could also confirm if attending by the 28th April so we can book a table.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

WRX Club Cruise

07 Mar : 09:31
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Social Cruise number one for 2021.

We are organising a cruise through the Gold Coast Hinterland followed by lunch.

The cruise will run around Hinze Dam, up towards Springbrook and finish up at Advancetown Hotel, where we are booked in to park up and have a bite to eat.

Starting point Hinze Dam Picnic Area.

Few notes regarding the cruise.
1. Be safe
2. Follow all road rules
3. Be aware of other members of the public while we are cruising.

Hope to see you there.

Happy Laps at Queensland Raceway

07 Mar : 09:26
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WRX Club QLD will be having Happy Laps at Queensland Raceway

Queensland Raceway offers the opportunity to spend a leisurely morning at the track, by participating in Happy Laps, which includes breakfast. Cruise laps is a great way to introduce yourself to our award winning circuit, in a safe environment. Queensland Raceways runs on the Sprint circuit for Happy lap sessions.

Date: 17th April
Time: Arrive no later than 7am
40 Spots Available (Drivers & Passengers Combined)
$40 Drivers (Financial Members only)
$20 Passengers

Happy Laps are for family cruising not performance driving.
Any car-to-car contact is an instant stop for the session
Any car going off the track is an instant stop for the session
1 sec of tyre smoke is an instant stop for the session

Speed obviously in excess of 120kph is an instant stop for the session; this is more than fair as there are over 100 events that hot drivers can use if they want to go fast.
As this is a non-competitive and reduced speed event, helmets are not permitted. The cars permitted on track must comply with Queensland road registered vehicles. Road-registered vehicles only, no trailered cars and no cars with aftermarket roll cages.
All vehicles entering the track must be currently road-registered and showing registration plates.

Hope to see you there.

February Tech Meeting / AGM

09 Feb : 15:36
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February Tech Meeting / AGM will be held at JRM Auto Garage
We will have a free BBQ for all who attend.
When: 2pm - 4pm 20th February
Where: 6/12 Expo Court, Ashmore, QLD 4214
Your input in choosing a new Committee is vital in ensuring the growth of the club so please come along and join in.
The positions up for nomination are:

Vice President:

As per our Constitution, all positions are considered vacant and nominations are now open for members to become actively involved in growing our club. All roles can have a deputy position, if you want to get involved, but want to start off slow. At no time will anyone who becomes a Committee member be thrown in at the deep end as it has taken time to grow the club and we all want to see it succeed and become "the" club to belong to. You will have the support of the current committee members and be guided through the role.

We have one committee meeting per month and most of the committee attend the club meetings when possible. Like you, we have jobs and businesses to run during the day so it is not difficult to find a bit of time to join in.
If you want more info on what is involved in each position, please contact any of the Committee. Remember that to keep the club running, we need a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Nominations are now called for the all of the above positions. Please put your nominations on the forum and the nomination has to be accepted by the person. If you are wanting to be more involved in the club, or be involved in the way the club is run, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE.

Now over to you as the members to get the nominations started.

WRX Club Meet and Greet 2021

08 Jan : 21:45
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Welcome to the WRX Club's first event for 2021

At the start of each year we like to kick things off with a social event; the MEET AND GREET.
This is a great opportunity for all club and non-club members (existing, new and prospective) to get together and enjoy a BBQ and refreshments.
Details of this event:
WHEN - SUNDAY 31st January from 10am to 2pm
WHERE - Colmslie Beach Reserve at the end of Colmslie Rd - its on the South side of the river just to the west of the Gateway Bridge
BYO - Chair
Other Info:
The club will be having a FREE BBQ and refreshments for everyone! We will use the undercover area and BBQ's there and we'll have the club marquees there for extra shade as well.
We would like to emphasise that this is a FAMILY event - your partners, kids, dogs etc are very welcome. The reserve has loads of parking, grassy areas, kids playground and public toilets.
If you could please RSVP as we will need to know rough numbers so we can cater, as we would hate to not have enough food.

This event will be in accordance with all COVID regulations.
Upon arrival every adult will need to sign in and hand sanitise. You will need to show proof to the committee member at the entrance to the marquee that you have signed in to receive a wrist band. NO WRIST BAND MEANS YOU WILL NEED TO LEAVE.
All food will be cooked while wearing gloves and a mask.
Committee members will serve and handle the food wearing gloves & masks. Please DO NOT serve yourself.
There will be hand sanitiser available for all to use.
Please remember to stay home is you are:
- Unwell or have a cough
- Fever
- Sore Throat
- Fatigue or Shortness of breath
And do not forget to social distance 1.5m apart.

Looking forward to seeing you
WRX Club Committee

**NOTE** there are 2 Comslie reserves right next to each other. We will be at the one WITHOUT the pool.

Meet and Greet January 2021

17 Dec : 09:36
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Hi Everyone,
Hope you are all staying safe, healthy & looking forward to the festive break. I know I'm certainly looking forward to saying good-bye to 2020.
And to celebrate 2021 the WRX Club of QLD is looking to kick-start the year with a favourite; the Meet & Greet.
The Meet & Greet is a chance for everyone (member and non, family and friends) to come out and enjoy a catered and free BBQ hosted by the current committee. A chance to 'talk smack', as quoted by the club president, and a chance to just chill and socialise in the park surrounded by everyone's pride and joy.
The event will be hosted on the 31st January (last Sunday of the month).
This will be a great opportunity for everyone to come and meet the outgoing committee as we plan to hold our AGM and vote in new committee members at our February event (TBA closer to date). So if you are interested in helping steer the club for the upcoming year, or have any questions about the running of the club, do come down to the Meet & Greet and have a chat.
Keep you eyes peeled early in January for the specifics of the events; but mark down January 31, 2021 for the first WRX Club of QLD event of the year.