Dirt Day - 2018

08 Dec : 08:15
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The WRX Club first Dirt Day for 2018

get in and pay early to secure your spot. Not a member? Join here - Click Here

To all those who want to drive in the dirt this day is for you. The club has hired the Dirt circuit at IWMAC for a full day of fun. This event has been run previously so some of you have been to the event before. For those of you that haven't it is a great day to see if you are interested in driving on the dirt whilst not being an all competitive day.

Please find below entry prices-

Driver - $100
Passenger - $5

There will be a Driver’s and Passenger's Disclaimer you must agree to and sign to participate. Attached below. It will speed up registration if you could print it out and have it completed.

Drivers & Passenger briefing will be at 8:00am. If you fail to make this briefing you will not be able to participate and all money paid is non refundable. All drivers and Passengers will be given wristbands between 7:30am and 9am. No Wristband No Participation.

Gates will open at 7.30am with the track opening at 9am. A BBQ lunch and drinks (bottled water) are included for all attendees. So, even if you are not running, come along and have a look and have lunch with us.
This is a private event which will result in a lot of fun track time for all involved with the focus on enjoyment.

Proceedings of the day-
* 07:30 - Arrive and set up camp. Please feel free to bring seats and marquees
* 08:00- Passenger & Drivers Briefing (MANDATORYFOR ALL)
* 08:45 – Car checks and sighting laps.
* 09:00 - 12:00 - Runs
* 12:00 - 12:30 - Lunch
* 12:30 - 15:30 - Runs


* No door to door racing.
* No official timing.
* No more than 3 cars on the track at one time. Depending on how the day is going and driver attitude, we may allow more on the track as the day progresses.
* Laps will be starting from a standing start on the starting pad you will be waved on to the track where you will complete 1 standing lap and 2 flying laps (this may be changed throughout the day depending on the general feeling - 3 laps is a good place to start as cars don't get too hot).
* When you are shown the chequered flag, your run has ended. This could be the end of your run, it could be a problem with your car or it could be a problem on the track. If you think you were shown the flag or are even not sure it was meant for you, GET OFF THE TRACK!!! THERE WILL BE ZERO TOLERANCE ON THIS, AND A SINGLE BREACH YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE.
* Helmets, Neck to Wrist to Ankle nonflammable clothes
* Civil Driver’s License Required
* Passenger laps you can bring people out for a spin (they will have to have Helmets, Neck to Wrist to Ankle nonflammable clothes)
* There is no need to rush at the start of the day - I can guarantee that there will be times when there is only one car on the track (and sometimes none) so you will get plenty of lap time.

2018 Meet'n'Greet

05 Dec : 20:04
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Welcome to 2018

At the start of each year we like to kick things off with a social event; the MEET AND GREET.

This is a great opportunity for all club and non-club members (existing, new and prospective) to get together and enjoy a BBQ and refreshments.

Details of this event:
WHEN - SATURDAY 20th January from 10am to 2pm
WHERE - Colmslie Beach Reserve at the end of Colmslie Rd - its on the South side of the river just to the west of the Gateway Bridge

Other Info:
The club will be having a FREE BBQ and refreshments for everyone! We will use the undercover area and BBQ's there and we'll have the club marquees there for extra shade as well.

We would like to emphasise that this is a FAMILY event - your partners, kids, dogs etc are very welcome. The reserve has loads of parking, grassy areas, kids playground and public toilets.

Looking forward to seeing you
WRX Club Committee

2017 Club Christmas Party/Car Show/Awards Day

07 Nov : 21:19
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It is coming up to that time of the year again.

Lock away some time on the 3rd December in your diary for our Club Christmas party/Car Show and Awards Day being held at Harrigans Drift Inn at Calypso Bay (near Jacobs Well).

We are parking on the peninsula with the beautiful water and marina as the backdrop to what will be an enjoyable day.

Gates will be open between 10.00am and 11.00am to allow us access to the peninsula and there will be no access out of this timeframe. Harrigans rules not ours!

Awards will be:
Motorsport 1st, 2nd and 3rd
Social 1st, 2nd and 3rd
Car Show

There will be a lucky door price from Motorsport Brakes.

Remember your sunscreen and your hat otherwise you will be in for an uncomfortable Monday nursing sunburn.

Look forward to seeing lots of happy members at this last event for 2017.

October Meet

10 Oct : 05:56
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Motorsport Brakes has been established by one of Australia’s racing brake experts, Marty Beckton, to service a gap in the brake pad market for club, race and rally professionals. This sporting brake business is also now the exclusive Australian distributor for Winmax Brake Pads and Circo Racing Brake Pads.

Motorsport Brakes has been a long term supporter of many WRX Club members because they have a solution for every application from daily commuter to rally to time attack.

Club members and prospective members are more than welcome.

There will be a BBQ supplied by the club can you please either log into the Forum or Facebook and RSVP

Click Here
Motorsport Brakes
18 Computer Rd
Yatala, Queensland, 4207
Phone: 0404 023 535
Email: email

WRX Club Drag Day

10 Oct : 05:54
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Time to get out on the drag strip to see what you've got. It's all going to be in the name of fun with some grudge racing & will be a good opportunity for those wanting to test their setups. We will have the track to ourselves for 2hrs before the Saturday night Race Ya Mate event & will also be able to stay & race in the Race Ya Mate event after our event.
This event is shared event with the j-spec community.


This will be pre pay only for drivers, spectators can pay at the gate on the day.

4th of November 2017 at Willowbank drag strip
Gates Open: 2pm (please be there about 1:45pm so I can sort your tickets)
Racing: 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Only 10 spots available (if we fill these I can get a few more places

Price: Racing - $65 (This includes entry into the race Ya Mate event after our event)
Spectators - $20 Student - $18 Children 13 & under free. (Spectators pay at the gate)
Paypal link will be made soon

Street Vehicle Drag Regulations
Click Here

•Passenger MUST be 18 years old as a minimum - ID must be shown
•$20 per passenger - paid at scrutineering
•Paperwork to be completed at scrutineering
•Only one passenger permitted in the vehicle at a time
•Passenger must have approved helmet, long sleeves, long pants and covered shoes
•Vehicle must have passenger seat, seat belt/harness and windows must be closed
•The passenger is only permitted to ride in the vehicle he/she has signed the indemnity form
•Vehicles must have a known performance of no quicker than 12.00 seconds.

•Helmet Requirements - IHRA licence holder is to abide by the current IHRA rule book at any event. At Test'n'Tunes and Street Series events we will be allowing street vehicles (i.e - non IHRA licence holders) to still use the AS1698 standard helmet
•Purpose built race vehicles, cars quicker than 10.00 and motorcycles quicker than 9.50 must comply with the relevant IHRA Class and Safety regulations pertaining to the vehicles
•Any non IHRA licenced street vehicle running quicker than 10.00 WILL NOT receive their time slip

Weekend in the Dirt

27 Sep : 15:25
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Weekend 28th and 29th October
Millmeran Auto Club
237 Six Mile Rd, Millmerran
$75 for the weekend - lunch will be provided

Running times
Saturday 10am to 3.30 pm
Sunday 9am to 2.30 pm,
people with car trailers are encouraged to tow their vehicles

Minimum drivers required 10. Maximum 20

Cabins have been reserved but will they will need to know numbers ASAP as we have to confirm numbers by the 8th October.
Singles $40 (9 available)
Doubles $70 (2 available)

If you would like to drive please pay and RSVP on the forum. Also please let us know about the Cabins on the forum.

Skid Pan Day - 17 September 2017

24 Aug : 17:22
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We have the Final Skid Pan for 2017 coming up, this is a low speed and is kind on tyres as the surface is smooth and wet.

Roadcraft at Gympie

At this event we will be running short courses, somewhat like a wet motorkhana

Date: Sunday 17 September 2017

Running of the day - 8:30am Start at the venue, running through to 4:00pm. Lunch will be provided by the club to attendees

Numbers will be limited to 20 cars. You must be a club member to drive and must hold an Open Licence.

Conditions of Track Hire are attached

Some of us choose to go up Saturday afternoon and a get together BBQ and a few drinks and staying over night.

Please make us aware of any passengers prior to the event, even if they do not end up turning up so that we can cater for them.

August Club Meet - Sublime Technologies

04 Aug : 06:21
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Next WRX Club meeting is going to be a little different…. We are not going to learn about cars, we are going to learn about smart homes.
Post up clip to show a bit of what we do.

Sublime Technologies
Address: Unit 5 / 1 Steel St
Capalaba. QLD 4157

We will have some demos and lucky door prize of a pair of Clipsal Bluetooth in ceiling speakers. (see pic attached)
BBQ, drinks and great friends as normal.

BYO seats and jumper as we will be outside for most of it.