Rally Queensland - Gympie

15 Jun : 22:22
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Rally Queensland is all go for 2024!

Thanks again to club sponsor Subaru Australia and to the folks from Motorsport Australia, who are organising the Australian Rally Championship, we've been invited to come along and spectate at Rally Queensland (at Gympie) as guests of Subaru Australia and the ARC.

We'll be spending some time with Subaru rally stars Dean Herridge and Molly Taylor, getting a blow by blow update on the drivers' performance in the Championship.

We will muster in North Brisbane in the morning and head up to the Rally as a group, with representatives of Subaru.

Full Details for this event will be given closer to the date.
When: 29th June 2024, 7am
Where: Meet at BP Caboolture (Northbound), Lot 28-29 Bruce Hwy, Caboolture 4510

Bronze by the Lake

01 Jun : 18:25
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When: Friday 5 July 2024 @ 7am

Where: Lakeside Raceway, Kurwongbah QLD

What: “Bronze by the Lake”

Price: $100 (all attendees: member & non-member)

With the support of Subaru Australia, members of the WRX Club of Queensland have been invited to participate in “Bronze by the Lake”, along with the Ferrari Club of Queensland and the HSV Club of Queensland.

This is a track day at Lakeside Raceway. We are informed that participants should expect the equivalent of around 5 “Happy Laps” sessions out on track (ie approximately 5 sessions of 20-30 mins duration).

The well-known former police drag cars “Cop This” and “Cop That” will be in attendance and some drivers may have an opportunity to participate in roll-racing against these vehicles.
There may also be a khanacross style driving course available, but this is to be confirmed.

What is certain is that for the price of your ticket this will be one of the best value track days of your life. There will also be a show and shine, food trucks and the usual fun of a day out amongst car enthusiasts.

Naturally, as with all events the Committee of the WRX Club of Queensland and the event organisers reserve the right to remove (without refund) any attendee who fails to abide by safety directives.

This event raises funds for “Blue Hope”, which is a charity for fallen officers of the QPS. The Club will be present at their invitation and with the support of Subaru Australia. Because it is a charity fundraiser we are not able to discount tickets for members.

To sign up:
1. Go here to pay:
Click Here

2. Then complete your registration by visiting:
Click Here

NB: If you register without paying your registration will be removed.

Dirt Day - 16 September 2023

30 Aug : 21:25
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WRX Club Dirt Day

16 September 2023

get in and pay early to secure your spot.

To all those who want to drive in the dirt this day is for you. The club has again hired the Dirt circuit at IWMAC (Champions Way, Willowbank, QLD just before Queensland Raceway) for a full day of fun. This event has been run previously so some of you have been to the event before. For those of you that haven't it is a great day to see if you are interested in driving on the dirt whilst not being an all competitive day.

To sign up please visit: Click Here
It will speed up registration if you could print out a copy of the completed waiver for the driver and each passenger you are bringing along.

- $125 per Member as Driver - Unlimited Laps (now includes free 'come and ride' for 1 passenger - bring a friend along)
- $150 for non-members - Unlimited Laps (now includes free 'come and ride' for 1 passenger - bring a friend along)
- $20 per Passenger - Unlimited Laps

Lunch and drinks are provided. You must bring along a helmet, non-flammable long sleeve shirt and pants.


Drivers & Passenger briefing will be at 8:00am. If you fail to make this briefing you will not be able to participate and all money paid is non refundable. All drivers and Passengers will be given wristbands between 7:30am and 9am. No Wristband No Participation.

Gates will open at 7.30am with the track opening at 9am. A BBQ lunch and drinks (bottled water) are included for all attendees. So, even if you are not running, come along and have a look and have lunch with us.
This is a private event which will result in a lot of fun track time for all involved with the focus on enjoyment.

Proceedings of the day-
* 07:30 - Arrive and set up camp. Please feel free to bring seats and marquees
* 08:00- Passenger & Drivers Briefing (MANDATORY FOR ALL)
* 08:45 – Car checks and sighting laps.
* 09:00 - 12:00 - Runs
* 12:00 - 12:30 - Lunch
* 12:30 - 1.00 - WRX Club of Queensland AGM
* 1.00 - 15:30 - Runs
* 15:30 - 16:00 - Pack up
***If you could also please help with the club Marquee set up and pack up that would be much appreciated***


* No door to door racing.
* No official timing.
* No more than 3 cars on the track at one time. Depending on how the day is going and driver attitude, we may allow more on the track as the day progresses.
* Laps will be starting from a standing start on the starting pad you will be waved on to the track where you will complete 1 standing lap and 2 flying laps (this may be changed throughout the day depending on the general feeling - 3 laps is a good place to start as cars don't get too hot).
* When you are shown the chequered flag, your run has ended. This could be the end of your run, it could be a problem with your car or it could be a problem on the track. If you think you were shown the flag or are even not sure it was meant for you, GET OFF THE TRACK!!! THERE WILL BE ZERO TOLERANCE ON THIS, AND A SINGLE BREACH YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE.
* Helmets, Neck to Wrist to Ankle nonflammable clothes, Enclosed footwear.
* Current Civil Driver’s License Required
* Passenger laps you can bring people out for a spin (they will have to have Helmets, Neck to Wrist to Ankle nonflammable clothes)
* There is no need to rush at the start of the day - I can guarantee that there will be times when there is only one car on the track (and sometimes none) so you will get plenty of lap time.

Where: Champions Way, Willowbank QLD
When: 8am, Saturday, 16 September 2023

Notice of Annual General Meeting - 16 September 2023

27 Aug : 21:38
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Notice of Annual General Meeting
Impreza WRX Club of Queensland Limited

When: 12.30pm, Sat 16 September 2022
Where: "The Big Kart Track", adjacent to Willowbank Raceway, Champions Way, Willowbank QLD 4306.
[This is where we hold the Dirt Day]

- Financial report
- Adoption of auditor’s report on financial affairs
- Election of Management Committee
- Appointment of Auditor

In recent years the AGM was held at JRM Auto Garage, Southport. This year the AGM will be held concurrent with the Club's Dirt Day. As usual it will be accompanied by a BBQ lunch.

In accordance with the Club’s Constitution, all Committee members come to the end of their term at the AGM and are eligible for re-election. Any financial member of the Club is also eligible for nomination. At present some Committee members are covering multiple roles and expressions of interest to come onto the Committee and help plan the Club’s affairs are welcomed from anyone who is keen to assist.

The committee ordinarily consists of the following roles:
- President
- Vice-president
- Secretary
- Treasurer
- Membership Officer
- Merchandise Officer (position currently vacant)
- IT Officer
- Motorsport Officer
- Social co-ordinator

Our long standing treasurer, Steph Muston, and her partner, Alan Weinert (membership & motorsport), have indicated that they will not be standing for re-election. So we are especially keen to hear from anyone who might be interested in filling these roles. Steph and Alan have kindly offered to stay on as deputies in these roles, to assist the transition to new committee members.

Deputy positions can also be created so that you can get to know the ropes.

Rule 12.3 requires that two members nominate any person wishing to stand for election in writing prior to 14 days before the AGM and the person nominated to accept the nomination. If no nominations are received for any position, we can accept nominations on the day of the AGM. As always, we’re very keen to have whatever help we can get. If you’d like to have an informal chat about the possibility of being involved and what that is likely to entail please get in touch.

Please RSVP for catering purposes.

Rally Queensland - 22 July 2023

02 Jul : 20:27
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Thanks to club sponsor Subaru Australia and to the folks from Motorsport Australia, who are organising the Australian Rally Championship, we've been invited to come along and spectate at Rally Queensland (at Gympie) as guests of Subaru Australia and the ARC.

We will muster in North Brisbane on the morning and head up to the Rally as a group, with representatives of Subaru. We will confirm the muster point closer to the day.

If folks from the Sunshine Coast are keen to join let us know and we can meet en-route at a suitable location.

There may be a possibility of tickets on Sunday 23rd also, so let us know if you plan to stay the night up there and we will see what can be done.

Date: 22 July 2023
Location: BP Caboolture (Northbound), Lot 28-29 Bruce Hwy, Caboolture 4510
Time: 7am

Approximate schedule for the day:
7.15am: Depart for Rally Queensland, Gympie
10.00am: Arrive at allocated spectator point, Rally Queensland
10.30am: First cars scheduled to reach spectator point
12.00pm: Tour of Rally Queensland Service Park with Subaru Rally Identities Dean Herridge and Mark Stacey
4.00pm: First cars reach second spectator point
6.00pm: Depart Rally Queensland to return to Brisbane

The club will have some drinks available, however we suggest bringing sunscreen, a hat or other suitable protective clothing, a camping chair and your own water bottle.

Gold Coast Hinterland Social Cruise

28 May : 18:34
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Gold Coast Social Cruise is locked and loaded!
We are organising a cruise through the Gold Coast Hinterland followed by lunch with the crew.
Starting point is the Hinze Dam picnic grounds. (NOTE: not the dam wall café)
The cruise will run through the Gold Coast Hinterland and finish at Canungra Hotel, where we are booked for lunch.
(this route may change due to current road closures in the area so please check forum or Facebook accordingly)

Few notes regarding the cruise.
1. Be safe
2. Follow all road rules
3. Be aware of other members of the public while we are cruising

Subie Sessions - Sat 6 May 2023 5.30pm

05 Apr : 20:36
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WRX Club of Queensland and Gold Coast Subaru join forces once again for another epic evening:

- race your friends on the simulators
- see some truly amazing cars *
- win trophies & Subaru merchandise
- DJ, food vans

* Look out for some surprises on this front which are going to make you go wow!

Sponsored by Cricks Highway Subaru, Subaru Australia and Flat Four.

NB Dealership have specified that vehicles may not enter and park until after 5.30pm, due to the need to shift dealership stock from the yard.

Date: 6th May 2023
Location: Cricks Highway Subaru, 3481 Pacific Hwy, Springwood QLD
Time: 5.30pm (no early entry due to dealership stock needing to be shifted to make room)

SAVE THE DATE..... WRX Club QLD Christmas Party

06 Nov : 22:34
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It is that time of year again where we celebrate another year with our club.
Date: 3rd December
Location: The Barrel at Clouds, Maleny
Time: 11:30am
There will be awards presented over the day, the annual Concourse De Elegance with the perpetual trophy for best car.
The motorsport awards will also be held with the outright winner for 2021 awarded The Glenn Ross Perpetual Motorsport Award.
As well as the Social awards.
We hope to see you all there, so please bring your family along to this great day.
There is a Kids playground for the little ones.

More information will be provided closer to the day.
To reserve your interest, please visit the Forum or via Facebook link: Click Here