FREE - WRX Club Dirt Day - Sunday, 27th of Nov, 2016 - FREE

02 Nov : 17:55
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First 20 members to post in this thread get the spots - MAXIMUM OF 20

First 10 new members - to have paid their membership in full by the 22nd November


To all those who want to drive in the dirt this day is for you. The club has hired the Dirt circuit at IWMAC for a day of fun. This event has been run previously so some of you have been to the event before. For those of you that haven't it is a great day to see if you are interested in driving on the dirt whilst not being an all competitive day.

There will be a Driver’s Disclaimer you must agree to and sign to participate.

The drivers & passengers must attend the drivers briefing, sign in and agree to the rules.

Gates will open at 7.30am with the track opening at 9am. A BBQ lunch and drinks (bottled water) are included for all attendees. So, even if you are not running, come along and have a look and have lunch with us.
This is a private event which will result in a lot of fun track time for all involved with the focus on enjoyment.

Proceedings of the day-

* 07:30 - Arrive and set up camp. Please feel free to bring seats and marquees
* 07:45 - Drivers Briefing
* 08:45 – Car checks and sighting laps.
* 09:00 - 12:00 - Runs
* 12:00 - 12:30 - Lunch
* 12:30 - 15:30 - Runs (NOTE: The afternoon may be cut short)


  • No door to door racing.
  • No official timing.
  • No more than 3 cars on the track at one time. Depending on how the day is going and driver attitude, we may allow more on the track as the day progresses.
  • Laps will be starting from a standing start on the starting pad you will be waved on to the track where you will complete 1 standing lap and 2 flying laps (this may be changed throughout the day depending on the general feeling - 3 laps is a good place to start as cars don't get too hot).
  • When you are shown the chequered flag, your run has ended. This could be the end of your run, it could be a problem with your car or it could be a problem on the track. If you think you were shown the flag or are even not sure it was meant for you, GET OFF THE TRACK!!! THERE WILL BE ZERO TOLERANCE ON THIS, AND A SINGLE BREACH YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE.
  • Helmets, Neck to Wrist to Ankle nonflammable clothes
  • Civil Driver’s License Required
  • Passenger laps you can bring people out for a spin (they will have to have Helmets, Neck to Wrist to Ankle nonflammable clothes)
  • There is no need to rush at the start of the day - I can guarantee that there will be times when there is only one car on the track (and sometimes none) so you will get plenty of lap time.

Photo by Photographs by Nick Burdon

Club Dyno & Concourse Day - 22 Oct

08 Oct : 11:46
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The Dyno and Concourse Day this year is to be held on the 22nd October at MERCURY MOTORSPORT 113 Delta Street, Geebung, QLD. Situated on the Northside of Brisbane

THIS IS THE CHEAPEST WAY TO SEE HOW YOUR CAR IS RUNNING, and lots of fun seeing your machine at full noise.

Two power runs and laminated colour graph.

Start is 8.00 - Pizza Lunch will be provided :)

Maximum of 25 cars, first in and paid get a spot, sorry if you miss out. Place will be confirmed by payment

Price for the Dyno day is $50 the club will be subsidising $25 per car so it will only cost you $25


Paypal link will be on the forum.

September Skid Pan Day

18 Sep : 21:41
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WRX Club of QLD last Skidpan of the year had a great turn out with 17 Drivers and many Passengers. Thank you to Roadcraft in Gympie for having us and running the track, it was a great day.

We held 3 non timed tracks to get used to the track and for fun, including the Shoot out which saw John Roberts in his VW beats us all (twice).

The four timed tracks gave us overall time for the drivers with the outright winners of the day
3rd place Jeremey Greaves
2nd place Jeff Wadham
1st place John Roberts

All drivers did an amazing effort, some had more flare for hitting the most cones, handbrake turns and spin outs. But fun was had by all.

Thank you to everyone involved in the organizing and running of the day.

Write up: Steffi


18 Sep : 21:17
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Pizza Night was held at Gusto's Gourmet Pizza & Pasta on the 15th of September.

We had a good turn out of hungry car club members.

Amazing food and service with great company to talk shop.

Tell me the food does not look great!

Write up: Steffi

AGM Wrap-up

18 Sep : 21:16
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The WRX Club of Queensland held there Annual General Meeting at Toowong Subaru and was Catered by Gusto's Gourmet Pizza & Pasta.

We thanked our previous Committee Members for all the hard work they have put in the last year in helping our club grow and move forward.

We had many who put there hand up for the positions and we voted them in. Congratulations to the new committee.

President: Gunner Moran
Vice President Andrew Ross
Secretary Dam:ien Berndt
Treasurer: Daniel Watt
Membership: Nathan Schick
Merchandise: Gunner Moran
Social: Jason Valavous
Motorsport: Sarge Jamieson

The night ended full of information and prizes from Toowong Subaru.

Write up by: Steffi


18 Sep : 13:37
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Everyone is invited to our Club BBQ and Swap Meet that will be held this weekend coming at the Colmslie beach reserve in Colmslie. (152 Colmslie Rd, Murarrie QLD 4172)

There will be a free BBQ for all members and we encourage you to bring along the family and enjoy the morning.

Don't forget to throw all the spares you have taking up space in your shed and swap them for something a little more useful!

We will be there from 10am with a 12pm lunch.

Please RSVP either on the forum or on Facebook so we can plan the catering.

Pizza Night 15 September 2016

17 Aug : 20:21
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We will be having another pizza night 15 September at Gustos Pizza & Pasta Grange Store.

Gusto's is better than restaurant quality traditional pizza and pasta in a take away store!

Bring your WRX Club Membership card along to get exclusive members prices.

Check out the Pizza and Pasta menu

Gusto’s Pizza and Pasta Grange | Thursday September 15
100 Days Rd, Grange QLD 4051

2016 Annual General Meeting

17 Aug : 11:05
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It is that time of year again where you get to choose your Club Committee for another year.

This year it will be held at Subaru Toowong

Meeting date: Tuesday 13th of September.
Start time: 6.30 pm for a 7.00pm start

Your input in choosing a new Committee is vital in ensuring the growth of the club so please come along and join in.

The positions up for nomination are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership, Merchandise, IT, Motorsport and Social.

As per our Constitution, all positions are considered vacant and nominations are now open for members to become actively involved in growing our club. All roles can have a deputy position, if you want to get involved, but want to start off slow.

At no time will anyone who becomes a Committee member be thrown in at the deep end as it has taken time to grow the club and we all want to see it succeed and become "the" club to belong to. You will have the support of the current committee members and be guided through the role.

We have one committee meeting per month and most of the committee attend the club meetings when possible. Like you, we have jobs and businesses to run during the day so it is not difficult to find a bit of time to join in.

If you want more info on what is involved in each position, please contact any of the Committee.

Remember that to keep the club running, we need a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Nominations are now called for the all of the above positions. Please log into the forum and put your nominations in.

If you are wanting to be more involved in the club, or be involved in the way the club is run, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE.

Now over to you as the members to get the nominations started.